Partnership or Shareholder Disputes

shareholder disputes and Steven Davis jpgShareholder Disputes Lawyers in Hackensack, New Jersey

Our law firm, and in particular Steven L. Davis, has concentrated for more than 20 years in the specialized area of partnership / shareholder disputes and dissolution claims. Actions of this nature are highly complex and document intensive, and require lawyers experienced in the area.

Significantly, Goldman, Davis & Gutfleish, P.C. has been selected by a number of attorneys to represent them in their partnership / corporate dissolution actions and similar litigation. Attorneys, of course, are the people who know us best and are familiar with our reputation in this highly specialized area of concentration.

How We Handle Dissolution Claims

In New Jersey, business disputes of this nature are litigated in a special court known as the Chancery Division of the Superior Court. Our lawyers have been appearing regularly before the Chancery Division Judges in New Jersey, are well respected by the judiciary, and have a proven track record of success.

This area of litigation requires careful strategies to be implemented in the context of applicable statutory provisions. Understanding these provisions is critical to establish an appropriate framework for a successful outcome.

We sit down with you and plan exactly how you should be implementing your strategy in order to have the best result in litigation. Frequently, we execute the planning stages so well that litigation can be avoided and disputes can be resolved through agreement.

Put Your Trust in Our Lawyers

In our experience, a breakup of business associates, shareholders or partners is often as involved and difficult as the dissolution of a marriage. These tend to be highly personal lawsuits in which each of the parties has insider information about the other parties and about the business entity which may be misused.

You can be assured of absolute confidentiality and professionalism in all your dealings with our attorneys and staff, and you can be assured that you will receive the highest and finest representation available to protect your legitimate interests.

Contact Us

For more on our firm’s work in business liquidation, contact us. We pledge to respond to any requests quickly and efficiently. We assist businesses throughout New Jersey and the Metropolitan New York area.

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