Toxic Mold Infestation

Mold Infestation

Toxic Mold Litigation Attorneys in New Jersey

What do you know about toxic mold infestation? Mold is a growth or fungus which can develop in wet or damp conditions. In addition to the extensive property damage caused by these conditions, toxic mold can cause serious health conditions in individuals who are exposed to the spores. The lawyers at Goldman Davis Krumholz & Dillon, P.C. led by Evan L. Goldman, a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney. represent property owners, business owners and other individuals who have sustained injury or property damage as a result of mold infestation. Contact our Hackensack law firm to consult with an experienced mold infestation litigation attorney.

Property Damage from Toxic Mold Infestation

picture of house with toxic mold damageThere are many factors which can lead to mold infestation. When a roof or a pipe leaks moisture gets behind the walls, under the carpet and other areas. This creates a wet/damp breeding ground for the toxic mold to grow. Mold infestation can engulf wood, drywall, OSB and plywood, causing the structure integrity to be compromised.

Unfortunately, most mold infestation problems are not recognized until the infestation endemic to the structure. The home or building will require evacuation while the mold infested areas are cleaned, which often requires removing the walls down to the studs. In addition to the repair costs, the inconvenience of vacating the area for extended periods can cost a property owner thousands and a business owner millions in lost revenue.

Health Conditions from Toxic Mold Exposure

Many people are highly allergic to mold. People who are exposed to excessive mold can develop serious health conditions. Symptoms of mold ingestion often appear as a cold or the flu. Because these symptoms are not typically recognized as symptoms of mold infestation, individuals typically suffer added exposure, potentially resulting in serious pulmonary conditions and other health concerns can, such as fibromyalgia, asthma, lupus or cancer.

Experienced Mold Infestation Litigation Attorneys

Our law firm takes aggressive and prompt action to hold negligent parties accountable for the mold infestation. We thoroughly investigate the matter to determine the source and cause of the water intrusion. We meticulously analyze the situation to determine all potential negligent parties which can be held accountable, such as the building owner, landlord, previous homeowner, developer, contractor, landscaper, plumber and others.

If you have sustained property damage or injury as a result of mold infestation, we can help you pursue full, rightful compensation to alleviate the strain of medical and repair bills. Contact our mold infestation litigation attorneys to schedule a consultation.

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