Business Foreclosure

Business Foreclosure

business foreclosure

Business Foreclosure Attorneys in Hackensack, New Jersey

The business foreclosure practice of Goldman Davis Krumholz & Dillon, P.C. is committed to helping businesses in New Jersey and New York protect their livelihoods. Our strategic counsel and qualified experience allow us to skillfully help guide our clients through tumultuous times. We can try and prevent a business foreclosure if your property is in jeopardy.

Our firm has over 80 years of experience helping businesses navigate their way through financial struggles. We have experience representing both lenders and business owners who are affected by fluctuations in the economic climate. Contact us today for a consultation.

Ready to Explore Every Option For You

Our lawyers, led by partner Steven L. Davis will exhaust all avenues available to help prevent your property from a business foreclosure including:

  • Communicate with banks and lenders to renegotiate the interest rates on your loan so as to keep your business solvent and accelerate the principal being paid.
  • Collaborate with financial institutions to restructure your mortgage so that payments are affordable to the company over the long-term, not just as a short term solution.
  • Helping retain appropriate experts to conduct a forensic mortgage audit to value the property and use this information to bargain for a new or second mortgage.

If these approaches do not work, we can also help you minimize your business’s exposure by negotiating with the bank for a short sale if a business foreclosure is unavoidable. If your company is being foreclosed upon we can help you coordinate with a bankruptcy specialist to help dissolve your business and dispense with the assets accordingly.

Contact Goldman Davis Krumholz & Dillon, P.C. in Bergen County

Preventing a business foreclosure takes diligent research and competent counsel. Our business attorneys will assist you through all the negotiations and paperwork, always exploring cost-effective solutions to keep your business afloat. We care about your business’s future as much as you do. We care about our clients’ happiness. Contact us today and let us help you preserve everything you have worked hard for by preventing a business foreclosure.

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