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Goldman Davis Krumholz & Dillon, P.C.

Extensive Experience Handling Complex Civil Litigation

Quality above Quantity

We are not a high volume business law practice; we are low volume and high quality in our approach. Our lawyers are selective in accepting clients and cases. When you become a client of our law firm, you become a part of our family. Our firm's longevity is based upon a firm foundation of responsive, close, long term relationships with our clients.

Trusted by Judges and Fellow Lawyers

We have consistently been the law firm of choice for other lawyers and for many judges when their own personal interests have been at stake. Those who regularly come in contact with the quality of our services have been quick to recognize the unique values that our staff of highly experienced lawyers can provide.




Corporate & Business Law

The corporate and business law attorneys at
Goldman Davis Krumholz & Dillon, P.C.
represent businesses and other business entities, shareholders, members, partners, individuals, financial institutions, other lenders, and creditors in a wide variety of corporate matters, business transactions,
and related litigation.


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